Our Fleet

Our fleet of boats consists of 20 Paddleboats and 5 RC Sailboats. Click here for a few videos of the fleet in action.

Paddleboats (20)Paddleboats

Techincal Specifications

Paddle Wheeler – PWIR (Four Seat Model)

Length = 122″
Height = 36″
Width = 62″
Capacity Per NMMA (BIA) Certification = 955 lb.

Standard Equipment
– Fiberglass construction w/heavy duty woven roving.
– Urethane foam flotation – not styrofoam.
– All metal parts – aluminum 6061-T6 or stainless steel.
– Paddle Wheel – aluminum 5052-H32 & 6061-T6.
– Paddle wheel is 4 bolt construction, paddle wheel to crank and is removable.
– Stainless steel cranks, tiller handle, link rod and connector.
– Four greaseable bearings – inner & outer.
– Stainless steel fasteners.
– Self-draining seats featuring grab rails.
– Pontoon and Footwell drains w/plugs.
– Pedals, starboard – solid block-composite material/nylon family.
– Stainless steel mooring eyes, 2 fore & 2 aft.
– Heavy duty vinyl gunnel rail molding around perimeter of craft.
– Textured surface w/non-skid strips on fore, aft & side steps.
– Both pontoons have full length keels which provide better stability and maneuverability.
– Pontoons totally sealed and secured to the deck preventing any water from entering the pontoon cavity.

RC (Radio Controlled) Sailboats (5)RC (Radio-Controlled) Sailboat

Techincal Specifications

RC Laser Sailboat

Length Deck = 41.5″
Length Waterline = 37.75″
Beam = 13.5″
Draft = 17″
Main Hoist = 50″
Mast top above deck = 54″
Bottom of keel to top of mast = 73″
Sail Area A = 949 sq. in.
Sail Area B = 710 sq. in.
Sail Area C = 600 sq. in.
Displacement = 9 lbs.

– Hull and deck molded in one piece Polypropylene.
– Mast is tapered fiberglass composite, two piece.
– Sail is sleeved to slide over the mast. Sail is made of non-woven polyester composite film.
– Mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging.
– Gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary.
– All parts are interchangeable and inexpensive to replace.
– Keel and rudder snap in and out in an instant – no tools.
– Easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port.
– Easy to adjust stainless outhaul sliders on boom.
– Full On Board electronics to include class approved servos for sail and steering.
– Two channel AM Radio system (drum sail winch, steering servo installed).
– Boat is corrosion resistant and salt water safe.